Little Birdie Books: A triple barrel name with purpose

Welcome to Little Birdie Books | Language Learning in Flight!

This is our first blog post so it seemed apt to share who we are, why we are here and the story behind our name. We are Little Birdie Books and a rose by any other name really would NOT smell as sweet.  Here’s why:

1.  little (adjective) small in size, amount or degree (often used to express an affectionate attitude)

We are a Brisbane-based business with a product that is perfect for ‘little’ people.  Babies, toddlers and young children from 0-5 years will love our book boxes.

Our first book box release will be in November 2017 (just in time for Christmas presents) and is aimed at little people aged 3-5 years old entering Kindergarten programs.

2.  birdie (noun, informal) a child’s term for a bird (noun, a creature capable of flying)

Birds are expert communicators and language and literacy underpins communication.  We are two speech language pathologists who are here to communicate with you about all things language, literacy and literature through our blog.

With themed book boxes flying straight to your door, your own little birdies (#littlebirdiereader) will be set to soar in literacy and in life.

3.  books (noun) a written or printed work consisting of pages glued or sewn together on one side and bound in covers.

As qualified speech language pathologists from the University of Queensland, we are trained in understanding the research behind ‘reading aloud’ and the significant impact it can have on a child’s oral language and literacy skills. Picture books are not just fun but extremely purposeful.

Our love of picture books goes beyond beautiful illustrations, meaningful messages and humorous lines, we have carefully handpicked each book based on their language and literacy features.

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Thanks for hearing our call,
Tania Kelly and Janice Zee
Directors and Speech Language Pathologists