BoxPLAY: Don’t throw the box out!

Ever noticed how toddlers would rather play with the box itself more than the actual toy? Of course, this magical view of the world (and cheap form of entertainment) doesn’t last forever. With pre-schoolers, they still possess just a little of this magic; this unabashed imagination. And just like that, BoxPLAY was born!

BoxPLAY in Little Birdie Books is all about making the most of what you have. When we created the beautifully designed box that contains all your books, activity cards and resources, we didn’t want the box itself to go to waste. So what have we got planned in BoxPLAY?


The box design is intentionally simple with black text and graphics on a white background so that it can be adapted for multiple activities. This helps to reduce extra resources that you provide to complete the fun activities with your child.


The Little Birdie Books boxes are designed to be reused in multiple ways. It is the perfect size for little people – big enough to fit all your Little Birdie Books goodies but small enough for their hands to hold themselves. This is important as we have some fantastic ideas up our sleeves for the BoxPLAY activity each month including:

  • Transforming the box into a prop for pretend play.
  • Creating ‘small world’ scenes for imaginative play.
  • Building a ‘set’ for story retells.
  • Allowing creative minds to flourish in decorating the box.

Within each BoxPLAY activity, there will be ample opportunities for further language and literacy learning for your child.


Ultimately if you do need to throw the box out one day, it is 100% recyclable!

We are very excited to witness language learning in flight with your BoxPLAY activities. Make sure you share these on Instagram or Facebook and tag us @littlebirdiebooks #littlebirdiereader.

Thanks for hearing our call,

Your Little Birdies