‘Pet parenting’ your kids?

I am ashamed to admit it but at times my toddler reminds me of the dog I never had. A rather uncouth comparison, there are an uncanny number of similarities between the way we parent canines and our offspring.

Recent studies suggest that the average dog is as smart as the average two year old child so perhaps my observations aren’t all a coincidence.

So here are 5 times my toddler has reminded me of a dog…so far (yes you read that correctly… lol)!

1. Playing fetch

We all know the days can be long entertaining a toddler and some forms of entertainment are certainly more ‘PC’(politically correct) than others.

Just the other day I caught myself in the front yard with my toddler, throwing a ball and these words spilling out of my mouth “Go get it girl. Where’s the ball? Get the ball, that’s it, bring it here. Bring it to Mummy.” My well trained puppy, I mean daughter, obediently brought the ball back each time I threw it. Well that killed another 5 minutes, only another 4 and 1/2 hours to go.

2. Eating for entertainment

Sultanas are little nuggets of gold for entertaining toddlers. In an effort to keep my toddler away from hot cooking appliances , I poured some sultanas in a bowl and carried the bowl into her playroom “Look some sultanas, come on girl. Time for a snack” as I shook the bowl enticingly. I placed it on the floor in front of her and left the room.

3. ’Get aways’ are common practice

Fences, gates, doors and barriers in general are commonplace at two dwellings: one with dogs and one with small children.

Both dogs and our offspring can and will regularly try to escape your love and affection with an innate need for exploration of the ‘big, wide world’.

Never has there been so much conscious decision making around “closing the gates” or the house being “dog or child-proof”.

4. Using their mouth as a 5th limb

As I sat scrolling mindlessly through Facebook, I looked up to find my daughter doing something far more entertaining. She had found her box of shoes in the cupboard and was crawling around on all fours with her treasured pink slipper in her mouth. Sound familiar pet parents?!

5. Not a clue what they’re saying

Have you ever found yourself feeling as if you are talking to Lassie when trying to understand your chatterbox of a toddler? Well when your brain can no longer function to translate their babble into something useful, I find it quite amusing, to pretend your child is Lassie and say “What’s that girl….trouble down at the old well?” At the very least, it can ease the monotony of your of the day and the usual interpretations you give!

Did you know?
Chaser, a Border Collie in South Caroline, has the largest vocabulary of any know dog of over 1022 nouns. This is quite extraordinary when you think a two year old child has a ‘receptive vocabulary’ (words they can understand) of only about 500 words.

Dogs and toddlers have one last commonality: they both truly believe that the sun shines out of their Mum and Dad’s ‘you-know-what!’ For all those doting pet parents out there, check out the this fun blog that shares the flip side of the coin “16 Ways Your Dog Acts Like a Kid” by Karen Tietjen www.iheartdogs.com/16-ways-your-dog-acts-like-a-kid/

The song lyrics from the RSPCA’s Christmas Appeal sum it up perfectly, “All things bright and beautiful, all creatures great and small…”

Let’s face it, there are worse ways to treat your child than how you treat your most beloved family pet!

Thanks for hearing our call,

Your little birdies xx