Handy Holiday Activities at Home

Our last post offered some fun language games for when you are on the road with the kids. Some of us (i.e. Janice) chose to stay at home this holiday season and I’m sure many of you are in the same boat – the kids are starting to drive you a little cuckoo! Here are three things to do when you don’t want to or can’t head out with your kids.  The bonus: we’ve added in information about how your child’s language benefits from these activities!

1. Water Play

The summer days are long…and HOT! What better way to join in the fun with your kids and everyone gets to cool down. We all love running around with the sprinkler on, or jumping in the pool but how about mixing it up a bit?

Get your kids in join on ‘cleaning’ their toys. Set up a tub of water and a big towel and let them set to work. My boys love being ‘helpful’ and they thrive on that sense of satisfaction that they’ve been able to clean their own toys.

Language benefits: Following instructions/steps in a procedure, understanding the function of items (e.g. soap/sponge, cloth, towel), using and understanding adjectives (soapy, dry, wet, clean, dirty)

2. Bubbles

50c buys you many many opportunities for entertaining kids. From chasing the bubbles, to popping, blowing, counting, trying to NOT pop them, the list goes on.  It gets kids active and perhaps can spark a little friendly competition of who can pop the most bubbles. Introduce the concept of tally marks with some chalk on the pavement. This would fit in perfectly as an extension activity from the I Can Count Kit this month where we are all about numbers!

Language benefits: Exploring verbs (chase, pop, catch, run, blow, float), adverbs (quickly, gently, slowly) adjectives (big, small, fast, slow, most, least).

3. Cardboard boxes

Is your recycling bin struggling to contain all the leftover boxes from Christmas? Make use of what you’ve got! Transform your boxes into an easel for painting or if you’re like me, contain the children in the box and let their creativity flow!

Janice’s two boys going to town with this box

For those car lovers out there, upcycle the box into a car, truck, train – whatever tickles your fancy. Pinterest has some amazing ideas and if you need some guidance, here’s a little step-by-step guide – https://www.pinterest.com.au/pin/555561304005147352/

For those of you who missed out on the highly sought after $200 cubby house from Kmart, use your boxes to make your own!

Language benefits: Allow your child to explain the details required in what they want to make, this will allow them to explore more sophisticated and descriptive language. Explore colours, shapes, quantities and size concepts.

We hope these activities will help save your sanity and give your kids an opportunity to learn and grow in their language skills in super fun ways!

Thanks for hearing our call,

Your Little Birdies