What’s Up Doc? Talk with a Radiologist

Welcome to the “What’s Up Doc?” Q & A series! In celebration of this month’s book box theme, The Doctor’s Kit, we have had the pleasure of interviewing a variety of professionals in the medical field. This week we will hear from Dr John Blazak, Radiologist.

Question 1. What is your health-related profession?


Question 2. How long did you study at University for this?

“Nine years uni, five years speciality training”

Question 3. What’s the most common misconception about your profession?

“That I’m a radiographer 😒. Serious answer is that I don’t see patients and sit in a dark room all day. Both incorrect.”

Question 4. If you would like the public to learn one thing about your profession, what would it be?

“Interpreting images is not about reporting wrist fractures. We have to know anatomy better than anyone else, know something about pretty much every pathology and understand the physics of X-rays, CT scans, MRI, ultrasound and nuclear medicine.”

Question 5. What’s the most interesting thing that has happened to you in your career so far?

“Not necessarily anything interesting that has happened to me but the most interesting thing I’ve learnt is that by far the toughest people on earth are old women.”

Question 6. What’s the longest/worst shift or operation you have been involved in?

“Boxing Day 2008 working in emergency. Most other doctors called in ‘sick’. Was looking after 10 dying patients alone and had to give CPR on a girl that had her legs and pelvis shattered after being run over by a car.”

Question 7. What’s the most common or interesting reason you see children?

“Unfortunately, the most common reason I see children is because they have cancer.”

Question 8. What would make you leave your profession; what’s the most challenging aspect?

“Would be hard to make me leave. The biggest challenge is the threat of artificial intelligence taking over my job.”

Question 9. What keeps you in your profession; what’s the most rewarding aspect?

“I get to do a puzzle every day, putting together a story with the images to find a diagnosis.”

Thank you so much John for sharing such fascinating responses. We hope this has provided some insight into the world of medicine; one that most of us understand so little about but at our most vulnerable times, rely so heavily upon.

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Join us next time for more Q and A on What’s up Doc? series.

Thanks for hearing our call,
Your Little Birdies xx