What’s Up Doc? Talk with a G.P.

Welcome to another edition of the “What’s Up Doc?” Q & A series! In celebration of this month’s book box theme, The Doctor’s Kit, we have had the pleasure of interviewing a variety of professionals in the medical field. This week we will hear from Dr Ian Black, General Practitioner.

Question 1. What is your health-related profession?

“General Practitioner”

Question 2. How long did you study at University for this?

“7 years”

Question 3. What’s the most common misconception about your profession?

“That all we do is treat coughs and colds.”

Question 4. If you would like the public to learn one thing about your profession, what would it be?

“We are specialists who have done further training beyond university years, and gone are the days where people who can’t get onto other specialty training programs become ‘just GPs’.”

Question 5. What’s the most interesting thing that has happened to you in your career so far?

Way too many to list.

Question 6. What’s the longest/worst shift or operation you have been involved in?

“Rural relieving in town of 8000, 96 hours of horror with minimal sleep, sole doctor in the town’s hospital.”

Question 7. What would make you leave your profession; what’s the most challenging aspect?

“Emotional exhaustion, financial pressures from a Medicare rebate structure that rewards rapid turnover, rather than quality of care.”

Question 8. What keeps you in your profession; what’s the most rewarding aspect?

“Being able to provide people who have significant illnesses with care that exceeds their expectations, and makes them feel secure in their treatment/management/illness, and, assisting people through significant illness by being their point of contact with the medical system, with whom they may express their fears/wants/vulnerabilities, and being able to guide them through these issues, and being appreciated for your efforts.”

Thank you so much Ian for sharing with us. We hope this short and sweet blog post has highlighted the passion that so many doctors have for improving their patients’ quality of life.

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