Unboxing Puppy Play – Part 1

Every child is fascinated by dogs – they are cute to look at and fun to play with, even if you don’t have your own! Our newest Puppy Play box is the best way to build on your child’s interest in dogs while giving them a boost with their language and literacy skills. Keeping reading to find out more about each activity we have in the box (spoiler alert!)

Every book box comes with 6 themed activities: RichREADING, BoxPLAY, SoundPLAY, PrintPLAY, WordPLAY and StoryPLAY. Click on each of these if you would like to read more about why we have picked these areas of language and literacy to include in our fun boxes.

We will talk about three of the activities in this blog post.


davTying new learning to your children’s own experiences helps them make connections between old and new knowledge and enriches their understanding of the story.

Being a rich reader is about engaging your child not just ‘testing’ them. If the questions are too challenging, model possible answers for your child to expose them to new language and ideas.  Reading is more than just the saying the words on a page!

To build your child’s comprehension skills, you can make comments relating to experiences in the books, such as “I remember when I jumped in puddles as a kid, I would put on my yellow gumboots and raincoat.” This can help your child to start thinking about their own experiences.


davWe are all about upcycling and reusing the book box in a fun, educational way in this activity. Turn it into a barrier game (a bit like Guess Who?, anyone love this game as a child?)  This communication activity relies on your child’s ability to take turns, follow instructions accurately, give instructions clearly and use descriptive vocabulary effectively.  Often young children rely heavily on context to get their message across so a barrier game is an engaging way to practice the importance of clear communication.

Children love so many elements of this game: giving instructions (they get to be the boss for once!), there’s an element of suspense because there’s no peeking and they give their vocabulary skills a work out with providing accurate descriptions of dogs (e.g., put the big dog with the black and white pointy ears on the red puddle).


davWe want to help children understand that print (symbols, signs, words) carry meaning. We support this by always providing written text with pictures in our PrintPLAY activity and your child will get to have some fun interacting with it. In this box, your child will be given a checklist of common places in the home. This checklist provides print and pictures together, helping your child to understand that print carries meaning. Go digging in your house and out in the backyard to find all the hidden dog bones! Check boxes help children to begin to understand the purpose and layout of lists. Your child can attempt print themselves by adding ticks or crosses—great for pre-writing skills!

We hope this post has helped you to understand why we have created these activities and how they will help enrich your child’s development. Check back in for another post about Puppy Play next week.

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