6 Great Gifts for Under 6’s #shopsmall

Yes it is only October but December 25th will be here before you can say ‘Bah humbug!’ Regardless your feelings about Christmas, ‘playing Santa’ is inevitable if you have children in your world. So avoid cluttering yours and your loved ones houses with more of the same from the big retail stores and check out these great people and their products on Instagram!

1. Designs by Emma – say no to plastic bags!

Meet Emma from Western Australian who designs super funky bags of all shapes, sizes and styles for big and little kids alike. Children love to carry things, they love being independent and love to pack their bags with well…crap! But they will love these bags and so will you!

2. Bedheadhats – Aussie kids need to ‘slap on a hat!’

Meet Richelle from the Central Coast, creator of Bedhead Hats. If you are like me and constantly struggling to find a decent hat for your child, look no further. ‘Hats for little people that really fit’, Bedhead Hats are sun safe (UPF 50+) and have super cute designs too! We adored the Pug print hat that was won as part of our Puppy Play collaboration. A present parents will love you for!

3. Little Wombat Crafts – Does that come in adult size?

Meet Kirsty from The Gap in Brisbane who is the creator of Little Wombat Crafts. Handmade clothing with super cute prints and designs for kids. The iced vovo sparkle jumper is our pick of the bunch! Find her store on Etsy at http://www.littlewombatcrafts.com/

4. Little Pegg – to play or just display!

Meet Kelly from Medowie who paints these gorgeous peg dolls for boys and girls alike! Book characters, TV characters, family members, favourite creatures, Kelly can create it! We love these dolls as they are a beautiful way to retell a story through pretend play which is a vital early literacy skill for young children. As they grow older, they would decorate a room beautifully! The Gruffalo Little Peg dolls are awesome… “On went the mouse through the deep, dark wood, A fox saw the mouse and the mouse looked good!”

5. Head in the clouds buntings – a decor present for you too!

Which childhood story would you turn into bunting flag? A great concept, this mother-daughter duo have created beautiful, original décor for your child’s room by converting your favourite picture book into bunting. Alice in Wonderland would be my pick for bunting – great illustrations! Check them out at

6. Happy hands happy hearts – playdough with a difference

Meet Emma from Bendigo creating this all natural, scented playdough that inspires calm, creative play. Occupational therapists have a saying “Squeeze don’t swipe” when it comes to choosing toys that support fine motor skills. Do yourself a favour and follow her on Instagram – her playdough creations are incredible!

If you want something good quality and truly unique then check out these great gifts for the under 6! Of course, if you would like a gift that values presence and will truly enrich your child’s learning without flashcards, electronic toys or Mozart, look no further than our Little Birdie Book Boxes.

Themed play-based activities combined with carefully selected quality picture books that the whole family will enjoy! We even have a limited-edition Christmas Special Box being released very soon! Check out our themes at http://www.littlebirdiebooks.com.au/shop

Box of wishes cropped square

Be an original Santa and #shopsmall this Christmas!

Thanks for hearing our call,
Your Little Birdies