Unboxing Be Brave – Part 1

Every child admires heroes, whether they are the princess who can do no wrong in every Disney movie or the Marvel superheroes that many little boys love pretending to be. Our Be Brave box is the best way to build on your child’s courage and resilience while giving them a boost with their language and literacy skills. Keep reading to find out more about each activity we have in the box (spoiler alert!)

Every book box comes with 6 themed activities: RichREADING, BoxPLAY, SoundPLAY, PrintPLAY, WordPLAY and StoryPLAY. Click on each of these if you would like to read more about why we have picked these areas of language and literacy to include in our fun boxes.

We will talk about three of the activities in this blog post.


IMG_4516The comprehension skill of projecting or ‘theory of mind’ is the ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes. This skill is developed through reading stories when you ask your child to ‘imagine if’ they were the character in the story – what would they say or do? Positive self-talk or affirmations links perfectly with projection skills & the ‘Be Brave’ theme.

What you say to yourself, what you say to your children & what your children say to themselves has power over what they will become. Use the stories of Pip the Penguin and Pat the Superbat to help teach your child both theory of mind & the self-affirmation theory. “If you think you can…you can!”


img_20181027_161216.jpgUpcycle your box into an emergency station where your child will learn about the real superheroes in life — emergency services personnel. Learning to ask and answer questions requires understanding of many language concepts, including ‘Wh-’ words: Who, What, When, Where, Why. Who knows? Your child must save someone’s life one day!

Children will learn some important life skills in this activity, such as understanding and answering questions like “What is your name?” and “What is your address?” as well as being able to describe what has happened and giving as much information as possible. Of course, the most fun will be using the pretend mobile phones!



Set up your own party and invite all your friends! Parties are undoubtedly a motivating context for engaging with print! Young children will learn that the genre of invitations contains key wh information including who, what, where & when. With picture clues, your child can ‘read’ the party invitation & attempt to fill it out using ‘scribbles with meaning’; the start of the literacy journey! Help your child plan a Superhero Party with real superfoods signs we provide.

graphic9We hope this post has helped you to understand why we have created these activities and how they will help enrich your child’s development. Check back in for Part 2 of the unboxing of our Be Brave box.

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