Unboxing Be Brave – Part 2

Let’s explore the second half of our Be Brave box. If you missed the first unboxing blog post, you can check it out here. Our newest Be Brave box uses picture books with courageous characters and activities, to enrich your child’s speaking, listening and early literacy skills. Keep reading to find out more about each activity we have in the box (spoiler alert!)

Every book box comes with 6 themed activities: RichREADING, BoxPLAY, SoundPLAY, PrintPLAY, WordPLAY and StoryPLAY. Click on each of these if you would like to read more about why we have picked these areas of language and literacy to include in our fun boxes.

We will talk about three of the activities in this blog post.



Understanding story structure is an essential skill for school and life. Every story is built around an invisible framework called story grammar and includes the elements Character, Setting, Problem, Actions, Resolution. In this activity, you will help your child understand what a character is, and how to describe them. But for them, they’ll just think they are creating their awesome superhero character! They will be learning without even realising it.



Auditory discrimination is the ability to tell the difference between sounds in words.  This activity uses pairs of  words that differ only by one sound (beginning, middle or end).  Playing with sounds is a fun, age-appropriate way to prepare your child for reading and spelling at school.  This superhero challenge is a twist on the traditional egg and spoon race and involves ice; a sensory hit with young children!


Kids are not afraid of ‘big words’, in fact they thrive on learning them. The best kind of ‘big word’ to teach your child are tier 2 words: words with sophisticated meanings. To truly know a word means that you can understand and use it across multiple contexts. Help your child complete their superhero challenges (e.g., “Use your superpower of invisibilty to stay still under the washing basket for 2 minutes!”) with tier 2 words such as courageous, challenge, invisibility, speed, agility. Repeating the words frequently will help your child understand them better!


We hope this post has helped you to understand why we have created these activities and how they will help enrich your child’s development.

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