Unboxing Happy Holidays

The holiday season is upon us and we have curated the perfect book box for you, whether you are going away or staying home. Our books and activities will keep your kids’ minds and bodies busy! Let’s show you what’s inside this FUN-FILLED book box!

Every book box comes with 6 themed activities: RichREADING, BoxPLAY, SoundPLAY, PrintPLAY, WordPLAY and StoryPLAY. Click on each of these if you would like to read more about why we have picked these areas of language and literacy to include in our fun boxes.


Bring your own camera along for the ride!

Children’s own experiences help them make connections with stories they read. Remember your child may have only experienced a few holidays in their short lives so they will enjoy having a simple chat with you about holiday destinations, packing, travel, transport, souvenirs and emotions (before, during, after).

Being a rich reader is about engaging your child in real conversations that link to the book.  It is not just reading words on the page!

To build your child’s comprehension skills, you can make comments relating to experiences in the books, such as “When we go on holiday, we usually try to go somewhere different from home, like Noni the Pony from the farm visiting the beach.”

This can help your child to start thinking about their own experiences.


Upcycle this box into Australia’s favourite holiday destination—the beach!  Being able to use a blank canvas like a box sparks creativity and imagination in your child.  Small worlds are great for promoting pretend play and create the perfect scenario for plenty of language learning.  Use a combination of natural & manmade materials to create a mini ‘beach in a box’ for ‘Noni the Pony’!


Understanding story structure is an essential skill for school and life. Every story is built around an invisible framework called story grammar and includes the elements Character, Setting, Problem, Actions, Resolution. An important element of every story is the setting—the ‘place’.  A twist on ‘Celebrity Heads’, this activity is all about guessing a place rather than a person.  Using descriptions to guess a word (the setting) helps build strong links in your child’s brain essential for vocabulary skills.  Our five senses provide a great description framework for sharing clues:  what does it: look/smell/sound/feel/taste like?




We want to help children understand that print (symbols, signs, words) carry meaning. We support this by always providing written text with pictures in our PrintPLAY activity and your child will get to have some fun interacting with it. In this box, set up your own little postal service with postcards, stamps, letters, envelopes & post office signs.   This pretend play activity is a meaningful way to excite your child to ‘read’ and ‘write’ (squiggles are perfect!) to family and friends while on holidays.  The physical act of writing and posting letters or postcards is a great way to introduce children to written communication & our postal service.


This WordPLAY activity combines gross motor skills and language skills.  Gross motor skills play a crucial role in your child’s ability to complete self care tasks, fine motor activities and maintain attention.  Categorising is a language skill that  supports children’s word storage & retrieval abilities vital for strong oral & written communication.  Can your child jump double footed to the right side of the river when they hear a category name?




Eye spy is a great holiday game for long road trips but can be a bit tricky for children who don’t know how to spell yet.   Why not use the first ‘sound’ in words instead of the first letter?  Knowing the first sounds in words is a great first step into the world of literacy.  In fact, the way we learn to read and write is by mapping sound knowledge to letter knowledge.  In this activity, your child will make their own set of special binoculars and take advantage of the beautiful illustrations in Mr Postmouse Goes on Holiday.


We hope this post has helped you to understand why we have created these activities and how they will help enrich your child’s development.

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