Best Books for Babies

Have you got a baby shower coming up? We all know books are a perfect addition to any nursery but did you know that there are books specifically designed to capture the attention of young babies? Read on to see the best ones we recommend.

Black and white pictures may not appeal to adults or even to toddlers but to babies from 0-6 months, they are fascinating! A baby’s colour perception is limited at birth. Although there is varying evidence about which colours baby can see, there is wide agreement that babies first see white, black, and shades of grey. There is evidence to suggest that red is one of the first colours a baby will see, and the contrast with black and white makes it easier for babies to detect.

Books with simple, high-contrast images are proven to have the most appeal to newborn babies because they are easy to focus on in the early stages of visual development. Sharing these books with your baby will be fun, stimulating and rewarding (for baby and parent alike!)

Here are our top 5 books for babies under 6 months:

1. Crinkly Book of Aussie Animals From the Bush

from the busy
An all Australian book for little babes

This one from Walker Books, illustrated by Jill Brailsford is a fantastic addition to any little Australian. Bonus points for being a crinkly book too, perfect exploring more senses.

2. Jane Foster’s Black and White

Gorgeous patterns will keep your little captivated

An addition of a one simple colour per page adds another dimension to this beautifully illustrated book from Jane Foster. It features very simple text, leaving plenty of room for you to talk more about the picture or simply let your baby enjoy looking at the pictures.

3. Mesmerised

Designed to keep your babies engaged


Australian designer and illustrator, Katey Love has designed black and white book featuring animals and shapes with sharp outlines and no unnecessary colour or detail. In fact, this book is being used by the Special Care nurseries of Westmead Childrens’ Hospital and St Georges Hospital, SE Sydney, as the book of choice for young babies.

4. First Baby Days: On the Move: A pull-tab book to help your baby focus

More details = more conversations!

Since red is the first colour that babies start to see, it makes sense to contrast it with black and white. Despite the very long title, this book features more details and tabs to help your child track and scan for objects. Again, the text is simple which allows for you to keep the language simple but also allows for room for the parent to add more language to the pictures themselves!

5. Let’s Go Outside and Let’s Celebrate

Talk about your family celebrations

Okay, we are chatting with the last one and have put two books in by Aussie mum, Bianca Ebeling from My Little Booky Wooky. She designed her own black and white contrast board book after her local librarian talked about the benefits of using age appropriate books. Both of Bianca’s books have been shortlisted for the Speech Pathology Australia Book of the Year Awards in the 0-3 years category.  Both books are wordless, providing ample opportunity for parents to create their own story or to simply put in front of your baby to calm them or during tummy time.

We hope this list will help you drastically reduce your shopping time. Share it if you think others might want to know about these books too.

If you are looking for books for kids aged 3-5, our book boxes are the perfect place to get a hold of these. As speech pathologists and mums, we’ve picked the very best books that are engaging and provide opportunities to enrich communication skills – they tick all the boxes!

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