Best Books about Bears

You might be thinking, “Haven’t you already selected the two best books about bears in your Bear Hug book box?” and the answer is “Yes, yes we have…” BUT we do have a few more up a sleeve that didn’t quite make the cut due to various reasons. We still think these books are great so we wanted to compile this post so if your kids are wanting more books about bears! Here are our top 5:

1. Where Bear? by Sophy Henn

where-bear-This is a heartwarming tale about a little boy and his bear and finding a place called home. It has a similar vein to “No Place Like Home” (one of the books in our Bear Hug book box), both featuring polar bears who try out a whole range of habitats but none of them are home. This book has very simple text but the illustrations are fantastic. As the bear simply says “No” to different habitats that the boy suggests, it is up to the reader to use the illustrations and their knowledge to figure out why the bear refuses. This allows you have many conversations with your child about the character’s feelings or how they would feel if they were the bear (a skill we call projecting).

2. Another Book About Bears by Laura and Philip Bunting

another-book-about-bearsThis husband and wife duo continue to deliver amazing books that are enjoyed by adult and child alike. This book is written in an argumentative genre, with the bears going on strike and reasoning why they are sick of being bears in stories who have to get up to all sorts of adventures. It is however, quite a difficult book to read aloud due to a large amount of text in the body of the story as well as text that pops up throughout the pages, acting as voices of the other bears. The illustrations of Philip Bunting are becoming instantly recognisable in book shops – I’m sure you’ve seen it at your local shops!

3. There’s A Bear On My Chair by Ross Collins

9780857633941A bear has occupied the mouse’s chair and the mouse goes about trying to get him off! This book demonstrates strong story structure (character, setting, problem, attempts, resolution) and is full of Tier 2 vocabulary (e.g. glare, unaware, lure, admit, declare). It is a rhyming book, making it super fun to read aloud with minimal text on each page – your kids will definitely want this one read over and over again.

4. Brian the Smelly Bear Smells Something Smelly by Mark Chambers


If anyone is familiar with the original Brian the Smelly Bear, you will enjoy this sequel. After the first book, Brian has figured out how to keep himself clean and stink-free but when he himself smells something smelly…what could it be? (the cover will give you a clue!) It’s again full of some great vocabulary and demonstrates strong story structure. This book is funny without completely going down the path of toilet humour (which I’m sure all parents to toddler boys – ME! – are thankful for)

5. The Very Brave Bear by Nick Bland

the-very-brave-bearIt wouldn’t be a list about bear books without the inclusion from the incredibly popular series by Australian Nick Bland. This is my personal favourite as we see Bear take on Boris the Buffalo in a competition to see who is the bravest. Your kids will naturally want to try out their physical challenges to give them boasting rights and it’s great for talking about comparative language (brave, braver, bravest / tall, taller, tallest).

Well, there you have it. Our 5 bear book recommendations but of course, the top 2 we love are included in our Bear Hug book box!

Books we pick are selected because they are engaging, act as a stimulus for conversation and promote oral language and emergent literacy skills. Check out our book boxes on the SHOP page.

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