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Be the odd one out!

Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.

– Oscar Wilde

Having strong oral language skills prepares our children to socially navigate their world by requesting, commenting, asking questions, joining in, negotiating with and complimenting others. Every book box provides ample opportunities for these language skills to be practised. Let us talk you through 3 highlights of our Be Yourself book box.

1. Find common ground

odd dog out

Building rapport with others is an incredibly powerful skill to develop in helping you become successful at school and life. While we want our children to celebrate their differences, we want them to build positive relationships with people around them. The first step to this usually to find common ground. Understanding this requires the fundamental concepts of ‘same’ and ‘different’. Explore ‘same’ and ‘different’ as you read ‘Odd Dog Out’ and ‘Elmer’. All of our parent-friendly RichREADING guides give you background information and strategies to deepen your child’s comprehension skills. 

Here’s what you can say: “Look at what all these dogs are doing, they are all doing the same thing, playing the violin.”

2. Be daring and different


Combine the age-old game of ‘playing dress ups’ with ‘print-based play’ by choosing items on the dress up menu card that are as daring and different as possible. So dig out the dress up box or let them in your wardrobe for fun! Using pictures and words together is an easy way to help your child begin to understand that print carries meaning. Using symbols like circles or ticks is a great entry into the world of writing. This PrintPLAY activity can be repeated time and time again!

Top Tip: MAKE PRINT POP – ““I am reading the card to see what you want me to wear and I can see a dress circled.”

3. Embrace sillyness

Image result for semantic absurdities pictures

Semantic absurdities are ‘silly sentences’ that don’t make sense. By playing with language, you can support your child’s comprehension, problem-solving and expressive language skills. This WordPLAY activity will bring on some laughs and everyone child likes to point out their parent’s ‘mistakes’, don’t they?

Top Tip: FIX IT UP – “It would be better to say ‘Charlie took a cup and poured some juice.’”

The two books we have included in this book box, ‘Odd Dog Out’ and ‘Elmer’ will encourage your child to think more deeply about what it means (both good and bad) to Be Yourself and a perfect catalyst for the conversations and activities that you will enjoy together.

This edition of our Be Yourself box is available now as part of our Prep4Prep Package. Designed by speech pathologists to empower parents to support their child in getting ready for school. See more here.