March 2020 – Books you’ll love

It is a strange time as I’m writing this, as the world grapples with the COVID-19 crisis. But as parents and educators, we continue to shield children from the information that is not necessary for them to know and love them through the things they DO know – attention, connection and communication.

Books continue to provide all three of these so enjoy your top picks for new releases in March 2020.

1. Little Green Donkey by Anuska Allepuz

Walker Books

Relatable to any little person who only likes eating one particular food, this little donkey just loves eating grass. So much so that he has turned green! This book provides many language learning opportunities. Kids as young as two will understand this concept and the simple story structure of the main character having a problem (he has turned green) and his attempts to fix the problem (disguise and trying out other foods). You can explore the charcter’s feelings (happy, worried, determined) and talk about the character’s motivations. A funny twist at the end will have your kids asking for this book to be read again and again.

TOP READING TIP: Help children understand the problem and the character’s attempts by using the conjunction ‘but’ – “The donkey had eaten too much grass! He tried eating watermelon but he didn’t like that they were full of seeds. He tried to eat oranges, but he thought they were too juicy!”

2. Bear Was There by Sally Anne Garland

New Frontier Publishing

A little mouse is warned by his mother about the scary bear. As he heads out into the countryside with trepidation he meets Bear and discover he is not so scary. We love that this book has some many Tier 2 verbs – warned, scampered, journeyed, settled, darted, padded, shivered, scrambled. You can link your child’s experiences to things in the book – exploring outdoors, seasons, fishing and making new friends.

TOP READING TIP: Talk about the character’s thoughts and feelings e.g. We can see how Mouse feels when he sees Bear, but can you guess what Bear might feel when he sees Mouse? Can you find clues in the book that helps you think that?

3. Beautiful Eggs by Alice Lindstrom

Scribe Publications

We don’t often include non-fiction titles in our selections but this stunningly illustrated book was too hard to pass! Australia author and illustrator, Alice Lindstrom takes us on a journey around the world to explore decorative eggs and what they mean for family, tradition and culture. Complete with a stencil incorporated into the design, this book will encourage children to create their own beautiful eggs.

TOP READING TIP: Compare and contrast – talk about how the eggs are the same and/or how they are different. Introduce words like “both”, “but”, “however”.

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We hope you enjoyed our March book discoveries!
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