3 new releases in May 2020

In the chaos of April 2020, we missed our monthly blog of our favourite new picture books releases but we are back and excited to share our 3 new releases in May 2020.

1. By the Billabong by Maura Finn & Cate James

Affirm Press

A book suitable for toddlers and preschoolers alike, we were excited to see this new release from Australian author, Maura Finn. [We have her book ‘My Magnificent Jellybean Tree’ featured in our Be Magical book and you can also read a fantastic Q&A we did with her a while back!] Dubbed as Australia’s call to “We’re Going On A Bear Hunt”, this book is FUN to read aloud. Kids and adults alike will be fascinated by the collective nouns (e.g. a wisdom of wombats) and preschoolers will love the challenge of remembering them all!

By the Billabong

TOP TIP: Relate the known to the unknown – explain these lesser known collective knowns by relating the concept (i.e. plurals) to some that your kids may already be familiar with e.g. a group of children, a flock of sheep.

2. Otto Blotter Bird Spotter by Graham Carter

Andersen Press

My children were immediately drawn to the Graham Carter’s illustrations in this stunning book and the mention of poo on the third page had them hooked! (3 and 5 year boys!) Otto’s journey in befriending a baby bird but overtime realising that this baby bird probably does have a family of his own help Otto to find acceptance in his own family. Carter’s incredible artwork is highly detailed, with challenges for children to spot throughout the book including the bird’s giant family, hidden in backgrounds if you are a good enough bird spotter. There are many opportunities to explain new vocabulary including: discovery, unusual, remarkable, suddenly, experts and rustle.

Otto Blotter Bird Spotter by Graham Carter

TOP TIP: Instead of ‘Seek & Find’ type questions e.g. “Can you find the tent?”, give clues about the items to deepen your child’s vocabulary knowledge. For example: “This mystery object is used to give you shelter outdoors.”

3. Bricks by Katie Cotton & Tor Freeman

Andersen Press

When greedy Pig decides he wants amazing house renovations but only pays his workers half the agreed price, consequences ensue! This book allows you to explore plans, motivations and actions from the perspectives of Pig and of his workers, Cat, Pup and Hen. An easy way to highlight this is to emphasise the difference between what Pig ‘thought’ and what he ‘did’ or ‘said’. The illustrations by Tor Freeman are fun and detailed and complement the text by Katie Cotton extremely well. A great story to teach your kids about kindness and integrity.

TOP TIP: Evaluate what happens in a story by asking whether something is a good idea or not, whether something will work out or not, and to explain how they reached that conclusion. For example: “Was it a good idea for Pig to give the animals six coins instead of twelve coins? Why was it a bad idea?”

Bricks by Katie Cotton and Tor Freeman

We LOVE sharing new books with you all and endeavour to highlight our new finds each month – share with your friends so they can enjoy the books too!

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Your Little Birdies,
Janice & Tania