7 Podcasts for Kids Under 7

As parents, we are well equipped in planning the food, the sights and the packing situation when we take our kids out for day trips or road trips but what about the car ride?

By popular request, we’ve compiled a combination of current favourite fiction and nonfiction podcasts for kids under 7 based on suitability of content, length and their ability to hold the attention of little ones! Let’s get to it:

1. Storytime with Aussie Dad

This podcast is no fuss – popular, well known stories read by an Aussie dad. My kids love it because his voice and the stories are familiar to them, making it a great choice when they aren’t in the mood for anything new but we just need something calming to get us through the drive home. Most episodes are under 10 minutes long.

2. What If World – Stories for Kids

Inspired by kids’ questions, Mr Eric tells some wacky stories like “What if ninja turtles could fly and birds could cry”? The stories in this podcast stories will keep your children asking questions, open to new ideas and new challenges. Episodes vary from 10-25 minutes long.

3. Imagine This – ABC Kids Listen

The next two recommendations are from ABC Kids – my kids are HUGE fans. The production is these podcasts are PERFECT for this age group – from the interaction between the adult host and the children who interact with them; the experts they talk to; to the sound effects and the pace and length. My kids cannot get enough.
The Imagine This podcast is all about the inquisitive questions our kids ask about the world, like “Why do we lose our baby teeth?” or “Why do leaves fall off trees?”. They have only released two new episodes in 2020 – ABC Kids, please do some more! Episodes are between 8 to 10 minutes long.

4. Little Yarns – ABC Kids Listen

This is currently our favourite podcast that my 5 and 3 year old ask for every single car trip. Like many Australian families, we have reflected on the stories and books we are sharing with our children to start conversations about race, diversity and culture, particularly of our First Nations people. Hosted by Rudi Bremer, it is another perfect combination of adult and child conversation that explores the diverse languages, stories and countries of Indigenous Australia. All episodes are under 8 minutes long.

5. Planet Storytime

Offering a mix of classic stories, like those of Beatrix Potter, and less well known content, Planet Storytime aims for that mix of entertainment and education that Fred Rogers perfected. One really nice thing with this one is that at the end of the month there’s one long episode with an entire month’s worth of content—great for that long drive or if you have older kids. Episodes are about 10-15 minutes long.

6. Story of the Week – Kinderling Kids Radio

These guys feature Australian authors reading their own books! One of our favourite episodes is Aura Parker reading “Goodnight Glow Worms” – it was my first time hearing the story and even I was enthralled! There’s even a reading of cult classic “There’s a Hippopotamus on Our Roof Eating Cake” by Hazel Edwards. Most episodes are under 7 minutes long, enjoy!

7. Mother Tongue with Sirine – Kinderling Kids Radio

A recent find for us, this Australian podcast showcases a vibrant culture you may not know a lot about and teaches kids the words and songs from another language. A wonderful podcast to co-listen with your kids because you will learn something too! Episodes are 6-8 minutes long.

Have you listened to these podcasts before? Let us know of any others you like and we’ll share them with our community.

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Your Little Birdies,

Janice & Tania