Q & A with Christine Sharp

“There’s a storm brewing and the hive must find a new home. With clouds filling the sky and thunder growling, Bertha bravely rises to the occasion … until she meets BEAR, that is!” Bertha and Bear is a book buzzing with friendship, about finding your place and the courage of one brave little bee.  It is one of the two books featured in our Bear Hug book box, we are celebrating its release with a 5 question chat with the author and illustrator of this gorgeous book, Christine Sharp. Enjoy! Continue reading “Q & A with Christine Sharp”

HELP! My child has selective hearing

Happy World Hearing Day for March 3, 2019!
Here’s some interesting facts on hearing.
Thanks for hearing our call,
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A fellow mum was exasperated and said to me, “He has selective hearing. I know what he can hear me but he chooses not to listen.” I’m sure many of you are nodding your heads with empathy.  

Sometimes it may appear that your child is choosing to listen to you only when it pleases them but there are times when there may be other underlying reasons for this behaviour.

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Best Books for Babies

Have you got a baby shower coming up? We all know books are a perfect addition to any nursery but did you know that there are books specifically designed to capture the attention of young babies? Read on to see the best ones we recommend. Continue reading “Best Books for Babies”