Q & A with Christine Sharp

“There’s a storm brewing and the hive must find a new home. With clouds filling the sky and thunder growling, Bertha bravely rises to the occasion … until she meets BEAR, that is!” Bertha and Bear is a book buzzing with friendship, about finding your place and the courage of one brave little bee.  It is one of the two books featured in our Bear Hug book box, we are celebrating its release with a 5 question chat with the author and illustrator of this gorgeous book, Christine Sharp. Enjoy! Continue reading “Q & A with Christine Sharp”

Get to know the creators – Q & A with Maura Finn

We are so excited to share a new series with you all, a Q & A with some of some very talented children’s authors and illustrators. To kickstart this series, we are bringing you our first interview with Australian author, Maura Finn. Maura’s book, My Magnificent Jelly Bean Tree is one of the featured books in our Box of Wishes. Continue reading “Get to know the creators – Q & A with Maura Finn”