Handy Holiday Activities at Home

Our last post offered some fun language games for when you are on the road with the kids. Some of us (i.e. Janice) chose to stay at home this holiday season and I’m sure many of you are in the same boat – the kids are starting to drive you a little cuckoo! Here are three things to do when you don’t want to or can’t head out with your kids.  The bonus: we’ve added in information about how your child’s language benefits from these activities! Continue reading “Handy Holiday Activities at Home”

Tripping in the car with kids?

‘I spy with my little eye’ another parent resorting to screen time to avoid the overplayed car games or backseat arguments between siblings on long car trips.  Guilty! As a child, I remember playing “punch buggy” which involved hitting your sibling when you spotted a VW, this was before devices of course. This generations’ version of ‘punch buggy’ is known as ‘Spotto’ and involves counting yellow cars (with no punching involved).   While many car games like ‘Spotto’, ‘Punch buggy’ or ‘I spy’ are observation games, these car trips are also an opportune time for your children to practice their vocabulary and word finding skills.  So when you have the energy these holidays, here are three easy and fun word games to play with your little people in the car that will build their vocabulary skills (plus you can rest assured that you will be setting your child up for literacy and life!)
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