HELP! My child won’t sit still to read

Does your child like to ‘read’ but only sits long enough for you to read the first page of the book? Join us as we begin a new series of posts that begin with, “HELP! My child…”, where we answer some common questions that leave parents stumped. The child who refuses to sit still to read is a common source of concern and frustration for parents. Continue reading “HELP! My child won’t sit still to read”

Make an imprint with PrintPLAY

Children begin their journey into the world of literacy long before they step foot through the school gates and return home with their first “reader”. In fact, it is you, the parent, that is your child’s first teacher of reading. This does not mean becoming a Drill Sergeant and enforcing your 4 year old to write out lines or “drop and give you twenty” if they ‘read’ (sorry memorise) a flashcard incorrectly. But seriously, what does it mean to teach reading to a pre-school child?

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