Frequently Asked Questions

When will I RECEIVE my book box?

You will receive your book box within two weeks from when you ordered online through PayPAL. This gives us plenty of time to pack your box of goodies and send it via post to your doorstep.  

Will I get my order IN TIME for Christmas?

If you order by the 15th of December, you will receive the “Be Yourself” Book Box perfectly in time for Christmas. If you order after the 15th of December, email us for your uniquely-designed, printable gift certificate as delivery of the actual box won’t be for two weeks from the date of purchase.

How does my MONTHLY subscription work?

Monthly subscriptions are billed ‘month-to-month’ so you can enjoy the convenience of monthly deliveries to your door and NO large, lump sum payments.

When do I PAY for my monthly subscription?

When you subscribe online, PayPal will charge you immediately. You will then be charged on the SAME date every month following (or until you cancel your subscription).  

How do I CANCEL my subscription?

We are confident you will love our product but on the off chance you need to cancel, we have made the process as easy as subscribing. Here is the PayPal link to cancel your subscription anytime and it will be effective immediately.

Do I need a PayPal account to purchase or subscribe?

Yes, for subscriptions, you will need a PayPal account which is a simple, safe process with no hidden charges, terms and conditions. For ‘buy now’ purchases or 3 month subscriptions, PayPal gives you the option of simply paying via credit card without signing up to PayPal.

How do I know WHICH book box I will be receiving?

For subscriptions, the current month’s book box theme will be shared on the website and social media. However, you won’t always know the theme of the upcoming months’ book boxes until we release them on social media as we love a good surprise….don’t you?! Whereas, for the 3 month subscription and one-off gift boxes the themes of the book boxes will be available on the website.

Can I get a REFUND if I already own one of the books in the box?

No, sorry!  We have worked tirelessly to choose unique, high quality books, many by famous authors, and all not typically available for purchase at major retail stores. However, in the unlikely case that there is a ‘double up’, we suggest “re-gifting” this particular book to friends or family.

Is there a CUT OFF DATE for ordering the book boxes?

Yes!  The cut off date for ordering the current month’s book box is the 15th of the month.  If you order after the 15th of the month, you will receive the next month’s book box. Don’t worry about missing out on your favourite box theme, it should become available for purchase as a one-off gift down the track.

Will my 6 year old son son will enjoy these book boxes?

Absolutely!  These boxes have been created with 3-5 year olds in mind, but children (and adults) of any age will enjoy and benefit from different aspects of these books and games.

Are these book boxes just for children with speech and language difficulties?

No!  These book boxes are great for ALL children as they will enrich their language and literacy skills to set them up for success in school and in life.

If we haven’t answered your questions here, please feel free to email us at