Little Birdie Books - For Families

For Families:
Little Birdie Readers

Ever wondered if you are reading the right books to your child in the right way? 

Our Little Birdie Reader membership and gift boxes have quality books handpicked by Speech Pathologists accompanied by interactive resources that will enrich your child’s communication skills. 

Communication is the single most important skill you can give your child for preparing for school, learning to read, building friendships and succeeding in life.  There is a small window of opportunity where language learning is at its peak and our goal is to help parents maximise on this critical time.

Little Birdie Books - For Educators

For Educators and Speech Pathologists:
Little Birdie Leaders

Speech Pathologists have a unique opportunity to support parents and educators in developing strong communication skills and laying the foundations for literacy learning and academic success in the future.  

We work closely with childcares, Kindergartens, Pre-Prep programs and private practices to provide tailored book-related resources in physical or digital formats.

Our passion for communication development in the early years is best shared with families.  Please feel free to contact us to discuss tailored presentations with your community on all things communication, oral language and emergent literacy.