Unboxing Puppy Play – Part 1

Every child is fascinated by dogs – they are cute to look at and fun to play with, even if you don’t have your own! Our newest Puppy Play box is the best way to build on your child’s interest in dogs while giving them a boost with their language and literacy skills. Keeping reading to find out more about each activity we have in the box (spoiler alert!)

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Why are children’s picture books always about animals?

Anyone remember the family the ‘Berenstain Bears’ or perhaps you were more of a ‘Winnie the Pooh’ fan? No matter which childhood books you were into, I guarantee that they all featured endearing animal characters with human-like qualities. There’s ‘Pooh’, the ‘Bear of Little Brain’ or the walking, talking Berenstain Bear family who learn human lessons like ‘counting your blessings’ or ‘stranger danger’. This phenomenon of giving human characteristics to animals is known as ‘anthropomorphology’ and is a commonly used device in the world of children’s literature. So why do authors use these furry friends to engage little readers?

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HELP! My child won’t sit still to read

Does your child like to ‘read’ but only sits long enough for you to read the first page of the book? Join us as we begin a new series of posts that begin with, “HELP! My child…”, where we answer some common questions that leave parents stumped. The child who refuses to sit still to read is a common source of concern and frustration for parents. Continue reading “HELP! My child won’t sit still to read”