Shopping small this Christmas

We are excited to be featured again this year in Topknot Girls Christmas Gift Guide! If you haven’t seen it already, it’s a must-do before you start your shopping!

We have browsed through ALL the products in the guide and found our favourite products for kids! Here are our top picks:

1. Tinta Crayons

100% natural beeswax crayons sound pretty great to me! Melbourne mums Maria and Maria (!) have been pouring these cute crayons for 5 years and support other local suppliers through their business. The crayons designs are perfect for little hands to develop fine motor skills and fuel artistic creativity! I personally love the Australia Bush & Beach set – perfect to go with our Happy Holidays book box! You can find Tinta Crayons on page 60 of the Christmas Gift Guide.

Robots – Tinta Crayons

2. Jilly Jumbles

Handbag Sanity Saver. SOLD! Sydney mum Jules has got the right idea. A LEGO base plate + LEGO bricks + a fun wallet to keep it all together? I can think of endless uses for this – at the doctor’s, at the cafe, sitting on the bench at school pick up. Plus, fine motor, language and play skills all being nurtured at the same time! You can find Jilly Jumbles on page 61 of the Christmas Gift Guide.

3. Tailoring for Miss Polly

I will admit that as a mum of boys, I did not know what Miniland dolls were. To think that there is a whole store from our home state, Queensland, dedicated to handmade outfits for these dolls – wow! The stunning prints and the matchy-matchy outfits make for great conversation starters too. You can find Tailoring for Miss Polly on page 62 in the Christmas Gift Guide (same page as us!).

We hope we’ve inspired you to #shopsmall this Christmas. Don’t forget you can find us in the Gift Guide too! Browse all our memberships, book boxes and Christmas specials then head to the guide to find the discount code!

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Yes it is only October but December 25th will be here before you can say ‘Bah humbug!’ Regardless your feelings about Christmas, ‘playing Santa’ is inevitable if you have children in your world. So avoid cluttering yours and your loved ones houses with more of the same from the big retail stores and check out these great people and their products on Instagram!
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