Have you heard of Developmental Language Disorder?

Did you know that approximately 1 in 14 children have a hidden condition known as Developmental Language Disorder (DLD)? DLD occurs when a person has difficulties understanding and/or using spoken language for no known reason. It often presents in early childhood as difficulties learning new words, finding it hard to put words together or telling a story. Children with DLD often go on to have challenges with school and learning to read.

Signs of DLD

Children with DLD are as intelligent as their peers, but may experience difficulties with:

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Pronouns = professional nouns?

“Him did it mummy!” my almost 3 year old says to me as he tries to put blame on his younger brother. “He did it, did he?” I say in return. I emphasise the ‘he’ not only to confirm whether he really wants to blame his brother for the wrongdoing, but also to show him the correct pronoun he should have used.

Pronouns can be very confusing for children and is a language skill that continues to develop until around four years of age.

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